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Hobodi.com stands for "Hotel bookings direct" and provides guests with the opportunity to book hotels and their specials directly with the hotel, receiving many advantages over the well known major booking sites.

Hobodi.com provides unbeatable benefits for guests and hotels at the same time. By cutting out the middleman (online travel sites, booking sites, etc.) HOTELS SAVE between 12% to 35% on commission with each direct booking. Through these savings hotels are able to offer unbeatable hotel rates, special offers, and perks to you. These perks range from better rooms, free upgrades, incredible savings, amazing packages, free breakfasts, free parking, and much more. Direct bookers are more valuable guests for the hotel and receive in many cases more perks. Hobodi is one of these perks.




Best Price Guarantee when booking directly with the hotel.

Time Savings, no more comparing and searching for the best price.

Get a Perk when showing the Hobodi Logo at check-in (only for direct bookers).

Rooms might still be available though OTAs show Fully Booked.

Booking without a middleman gives guests better rates, better specials and often free room upgrades and other perks.

True and up-to-date hotel information. No surprises, because the reservation is directly with the hotel.

Bookings are safer due to providing of your email address, personal and financial data only to the hotel (not to a third party website and also not to us).

Offers, you will not find anywhere else.

Join our Newsletter and receive the best offers in your Inbox.

Give the gift of a Gift Certificate. A memory that lasts forever.

Recommend a hotel and you might get a free perk at your next visit.

Take a picture of the Hobodi.com Logo now and get a free perk at your next visit.


✔ No middleman. No commission. No booking fees.

✔ Save 12% to 35% on OTA commission.

✔ Provide a Perk and create a happier guest from the beginning.

✔ Create more direct bookers and don't share their contact information.

✔ More bookings through your hotel website.

✔ No updates necessary. No monthly controlling. No reconciliation.

✔ Keep your existing reservation system.

✔ Introduction of your hotel to tens of thousands of new potential guests through our newsletter.

✔ Constant social media posts.

✔ Lifetime advertising.

✔ Constant improvements of our website and increase of our website users.

✔ Additional advertising for your hotel.

✔ More bottom line profit for hotel owners and management companies.

✔ Reach new guests.

✔ Create direct bookers.

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